Helping out customers who see:

  • Challenges In Your Refinery?
  • Pains In Your Supply Chain?
  • Insufficient Leverage With Your R&D?
  • Organization Not Functioning As You Want?
  • Changing Business Environment?

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

  • Don’t know what to do with unit monitoring?
  • How to improve margin without capex?
  • How to prepare your Refinery for the future?
  • How to decide on best catalyst change out?

  • Refineries and Chemical sites, oil chemical interface; GTL
  • unit performance; CDU, PLT, HT, DHT, HCU, FCC, Coker, RHP
  • supply chain;
  • investment planning;
  • risk analysis;
  • margin improvement;
  • linear programming;

Oil and Gas

Change management

Change management

  • Does your organisation need improvement?
  • Afraid of how to mobilise your organisation?
  • Passionate about preparing for tomorrow?

  • from a to b
  • governance
  • motivating people
  • transformation
  • guided coalitions
  • implement change
  • embedding new ways of working
  • effective teams

Change management

R&D implementation


  • Eager to monetize your R&D?
  • Challenge to proof the value of your ideas?
  • Noted a wall between R&D and the business?

  • how to create value from r&d
  • innovation
  • value chain
  • ownership to implement

From idea to plant

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R&D implementation